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craps Craps is played by throwing two dice from one of the short ends of the table to the other. Both dice have to hit the opposite wall of the table). The player rolling the dice at any one time is called the "shooter".

When a new shooter starts his first roll it is called the "come out" roll. This begins a series of rolls as long as they continue to make winning rolls. When the shooter fails to make his point the dice are handed to the next player for a come out roll.

On the come out roll, the "pass line" bet wins if the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11. The bet is automatically lost if the shooter rolls 2, 3 or 12. This is known as "rolling craps". If the shooter rolls 4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10 they must roll the same number again followed by a 7 in order to win. Rolling any of these numbers on the come out roll is called "establishing the point". Any number so rolled is thereafter referred to as the point.

Gambling on Craps: Players bet that the shooter will make his point (betting with the shooter) or that he will fail to make his point. Winning or losing depends on a variety of outcomes on any roll of the dice.

To bet "with the shooter" you place your bets in an area marked "pass line" before the new shooter rolls the dice. To bet "against the shooter" your bet must be placed in an area called "don't pass line" which is situated directly above the pass line. Once the shooter establishes a point, you can "take odds" by placing an additional bet behind your pass line bet. a "pass bet" wins if the shooter does make his point but loses if he fails to make his point. a "don't pass bet" wins if the shooter fails, but loses if he succeeds.

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Craps Odds and Winnings:

The number of ways any two dice number combination can be rolled determines all winning payoffs. As a rule, the harder the combination is to roll, the more it will pay. The odds and house advantage for bets on craps are:

Bet Payoff House Edge
Pass Line 1-1 1.41
Don't Pass Line 1-1 1.40
Come 1-1 1.41
Don't Come 1-1 1.40
Odds 6/8 6-5 0
Odds 5/9 3-2 0
Odds 4/10 2-1 0
Don't Odds 6/8 5-6 0
Don't Odds 5/9 2-3 0
Don't Odds 4/10 1-2 0
Place 6/8 7-6 1.52
Place 5/9 7-5 4.0
Place 4/10 9-5 6.67
Buy 4/10 2-1 (-5%) 4.76
Lay 6/8 5-6 (-5%) 4.0
Lay 5/9 2-3 (-5%) 3.23
Lay 4/10 1-2 (-5%) 2.44
Field Bet (2&12 pay double) 1-1 or 2-1 5.55
Field Bet (2or12 pay triple) 1-1,2-1,3-1 2.7
Big 6 & 8 1-1 9.09
Any Seven 4-1 16.67
Any Craps 7-1 11.1
Aces (2) 30-1 13.89
Twelve 30-1 13.89
Ace-Deuce (3) 15-1 11.1
Yo (11) 15-1 11.1
Hard 4 7-1 11.1
Hard 10 7-1 11.1
Hard 6 9-1 9.09
Hard 8 9-1 9.09


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